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8 steps to perfect workplace lighting

Are you looking for high-end workplace lighting? Since 1989, we have designed and manufactured luminaires in Nossebro in the west of Sweden with a focus on perfect eye comfort, illuminance level and colour rendering that result in more alert and concentrated employees. A work environment without shadows, glare and flickering is a bonus. Here are our top tips when choosing workplace lighting!

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Raise your energy at work thanks to optimal medical lighting

Did you know how important the surrounding complementary medical lighting is within healthcare? By choosing optimal so-called ambient lighting, the contrasts between the light that is focusing on the area that will be examined or treated, and the surrounding light is minimized. The result? You will benefit from less headaches – and feel more energized throughout the workday.

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How to choose the right lighting for your veterinary clinic

The choice of lighting makes a bigger difference than you might think when it comes to the overall work environment of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. With the correct lighting, you can e.g. prevent mistakes caused by difficulty to concentrate due to headaches and eye fatigue. Besides, the staff can avoid flicker, shadows and glare. At D-TEC, we provide you with our best tips when choosing lighting for your veterinary clinic.

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7 tips when choosing dental lighting

Did you know that one of the most common reasons to get eye stress, feeling tired or getting headaches at work is related to incorrect lighting? For demanding professions within dentistry where precision is crucial, lighting without flicker, glare or shadows is important – and not to mention: correct luminance and colour rendering.

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5 tips when choosing lighting for a laboratory

At D-TEC, we have been in the spotlight with our LED lighting since 1989 and have innovated several solutions within hygienic lighting. Below, we list our best tips when choosing lighting for a demanding clinical environment such as a laboratory.

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5 lighting tips when choosing clinic equipment

What illuminance level should you choose to get as good lighting as possible at your workplace? And what does perfect colour rendering really mean? Here are 5 lighting tips for professionals with high demands when choosing professional clinic equipment, whether it’s for a dental practice, a veterinary clinic or a beauty salon.

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Checklist when choosing clinical lighting

Do you often get tired and unfocused and tend to get a headache towards the end of the working day? The solution can be as simple as switching to the right lighting at the clinic. Whether you are a dentist, a dermatologist, a nurse or a veterinarian, there is lighting that makes you stay alert and that way contributes to better care for your patients.