Checklist when choosing clinical lighting

Do you often get tired and unfocused and tend to get a headache towards the end of the working day? The solution can be as simple as switching to the right lighting at the clinic. Whether you are a dentist, a dermatologist, a nurse or a veterinarian, there is lighting that makes you stay alert and that way contributes to better care for your patients.

arbetsbelysning över tandläkarstol
Rätt belysning på din klinik ger en bättre arbetsmiljö

What luminance level and colour temperature should you choose to achieve a perfect working environment? And how do you achieve a shadow- and glare free environment when choosing lighting? If you want to avoid getting lost in the jungle of lux, kelvin and CRI, you are welcome to discover our lighting range. That way you can be reassured that you will get lighting that meets all the requirements listed below in our checklist:

Checklist when choosing clinical lighting

  • In a clinical environment, the lamp construction is important.
  • Choose a model that is as close to maintenance free as possible – preferably with a closed construction that is easy to wipe off when needed and doesn’t collect dust.
  • Be kind to your eyes by choosing LED luminaires that give you a low contrast between your light sources, to reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • Choose luminaires with low heat and without acoustic sound.
  • Choose lighting for your clinic that has the right colour rendering. This is extra important if you work within health care, dentistry, beauty care, dermatology or in a dental lab.
  • You may find it easy to choose lighting for your clinic that doesn’t flicker, glare or cast any shadows – but it can also be a real challenge. Click here to get to our solutions.

Get increased effect with indirect light and by painting the room in light shades

In addition to an improved work environment, better lighting contributes, among other things, to a more pleasant atmosphere. Did you know that several of our luminaires have an indirect upward light that provides better working conditions, and also a more comfortable environment for the patient? The reason is that they reduce the contrast between the light source and the surrounding room. In addition to choosing optimal clinical lighting, you can also increase the flow of light even more by painting the walls and ceilings in light shades. But of course, the end result can differ depending on what kind of lighting you have chosen.

Choose dynamic light for increased well-being

All our lamps are adapted for professional lighting in clinics and laboratories and have an optimal luminance of 3000-5000 lux, and give a perfect colour rendering, CRI94. Our normal colour temperature is 5700 K, but you can also choose a dynamic light on several of our models. This means that you can change the colour temperature when needed, but also simulate daylight using a timer. The result is often an increased ability to concentrate, a better night’s sleep and an improved overall well-being. The following models have the dynamic function: Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

Clinic lighting with a relaxing colour-panel

Our lamp model Cloud also offers a fantastic colour panel as an option, that makes the lighting for your clinic unique and calms anxious patients. It will also work well as an entertaining feature for children and can contribute to create a positive experience during the visit.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

At D-TEC, we have been in the spotlight with our LED lighting since 1989, and we have developed a number of innovations within hygienic lighting for clinics and laboratories. We are proud to still design and manufacture our range in Nossebro in western Sweden, where everything started over 30 years ago.

Do you want to learn more about our range and how we can help your clinic to choose an optimal lighting? Click here. We are happy to assist you all the way – from planning your workplace lighting to help with mounting them in the ceiling.

Good luck!

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