Optimized light and perfect design

The latest innovation in lighting that combines optimal light performance, unmatched design and the perfect size for your space. With SunLike LED technology, blue light is reduced and mimics the sun's natural glow, resulting in incredible colour rendering with a CRI value of 98. Experience how this light not only improves your environment but also your well-being, creating a more natural and healthy lighting. Experience the ultimate flexibility with our colour chart. With a simple push of a button, you can adapt your lighting to every mood and occasion, from soothing green to more energizing blue. Create the perfect atmosphere!

Monitor mount

Upgrade your patient experience with our innovative monitor mount. Integrating a high-quality monitor opens the door to a world of possibilities. Ideal for displaying digital X-rays and camera images, every visit becomes more interactive and informative. In addition, the monitor offers a unique opportunity to engage and educate patients, while also being able to be used for entertainment for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience in the treatment room.

Leaf provides daylight with CRI 98


Leaf thin

With our innovative LED colour strip, you can choose from a wide range of colours to create a soothing and harmonious feeling, perfect for enhancing the patient or customer experience. Leaf stands out with its slim and natural design, where every detail has been thought through. Its unique light disc, made of an acrylic panel with a laser-engraved leaf pattern, guarantees not only an efficient light guide but also an even light distribution that illuminates the entire work surface. This technology, known as Light Guide Panel (LGP), together with the distinctive leaf pattern, makes Leaf more than just a light source – it's a work of art that transforms any room into an oasis of light and design.

Dynamic daylight simulation

On a normal day outdoors, the light temperature changes based on the time of day, sun height and the types of clouds that filter the sunlight. You get the same kind of experience through Leaf's dynamic daylight simulation. The daylight simulation creates a natural light experience and varies from a warmer to a cooler colour temperature steplessly. The auto-fluction with dynamic light creates stepless changes during the day and are so subtle that you will hardly perceive them with the naked eye, but they stimulate your senses in a similar way as the natural variations of daylight do outdoors.


A revolution in LED lighting from Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba, offers light almost identical to natural daylight. With a high colour rendering index (CRI) and a unique technology that reduces blue light, SunLike promotes better health, increased productivity and improved sleep quality. Perfect for environments where the quality of light is crucial, SunLike sets a new standard for lighting that mimics the sun's own spectrum.

Flexible modular system

Discover endless possibilities with our modular lighting system that offers exceptional flexibility. Designed to meet your specific needs, our innovative system allows you to tailor your lighting solution by easily combining multiple fixtures. Create a unique atmosphere in every room with our customizable solution that adapts to your wishes and changes with you. Perfect for anyone who values flexibility, creativity and design in their space.

Up to 70% energy savings

Invest in smart technology today and enjoy significant reductions in your energy consumption as well as long-term cost savings. Make a sustainable choice for both the environment and your wallet.

20 year lifespan

Our lights are designed to last, with an impressive lifespan of up to 20 years.

Dimmer for the environment

With D-tec's lighting, you can dim the lighting when you don't need full light and thus reduce consumption.

Reuse and recycling

D-tec is committed to reuse and recycling, and drives sustainable solutions of the future. By reusing and recycling materials, we actively contribute to a reduced environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

No shadows

Hundreds of tiny LEDs work together to spread the light evenly using integrated microprisms. These minimize shadowing of the work surface, resulting in a better, more comfortable work environment with fewer mistakes.

Glare-free comfort

The light plate and the microprisms even out the light and remove glare. It increases both your ergonomics and your work quality. In addition to this, the patient will experience that it will be much more comfortable to be treated. Its unique light disc, made of an acrylic panel with a laser-engraved leaf pattern, guarantees not only an efficient light guide but also an even light distribution.

Low energy consumption

With LED technology comes low energy consumption. In addition to LEDs, Leaf is optimized to deliver as much light as possible.

Minimal heat radiation

With a cooling aluminum construction combined with LED technology, Leaf gives your work environment minimal heat radiation.

Dimensions 1190x638x51 mm
CRI 98
Flicker free



Light source

LED 168 W


3000 lux/1.2 m

Colour temperature

3000 - 5700 K CRI 98


1190 x 638 x 51 mm


12 kg


Indirect light
Dynamic light
Monitor bracket

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