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Different areas require different types of lighting.


If you work as a dentist, you have probably thought about the fact that your eyes are constantly forced to switch between the bright light from the examination lamp and the ambient light, which is much weaker very often.

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Many clinics and salons often find it a challenge to find the right lighting that suits their business. In salons or clinics, lighting is an important part of the clinic equipment in order to provide the best possible conditions for the tasks and results.



In laboratories, very good lighting is required to be able to ensure correct sampling and analysis in areas such as e.g. healthcare, drug development and research. This is where the choice of laboratory lighting becomes crucial.

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The choice of lighting makes a bigger difference than you think for the total working environment of veterinarians and animal nurses. With the right lighting, you can e.g. prevent mistakes caused by difficulty concentrating due to headaches and eyestrain. In addition, the vet avoids flickering, shadows and dazzling effects.



Did you know that a higher brightness gives better vision and that you see contrasts better? A typical office space usually offers around 1000 Lux, where 3000 - 5700 Lux is recommended for demanding workplaces.

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