A piece of heaven – at your workplace

What if dental anxiety could be cured with light therapy? Or if the actual lighting at the doctor’s office was something your child told everyone about at school? Cloud offers a lighting experience that exceeds your expectations – both when it comes to improved working conditions as well as the customer’s experience. Providing optimal lighting quality with correct colour rendering gives you increased precision and minimizes the risk of mistakes, which can have a calming effect in itself.

The light source with a thinness of only 15 mm. Full spec

View of Cloud

Cloud with colour panel


Your best workmate

Cloud is the latest addition in our light range. Measuring a total of 1282x850 mm and only 15mm thin, it’s perfect for an examination room, a dental practise or a beauty clinic. The luminaire also comes with a soothing special effect function if you choose to upgrade Cloud with our colour panel. Why not go with a rainbow or an ever-changing flow of light? Perfect when examining children or patients who will benefit from a bit of a distraction.

The daylight effect

Since ancient times, daylight has made a big impact on our mood and our daily rhythm. Disturbing that rhythm by adding intense fluorescent light or experiencing seasons with less natural light can result in eye fatigue, headaches and sleeping problems. In order to benefit from the sun's positive effects even when you have to spend time indoors, we developed a dynamic daylight function.

Why not let your lighting start off by imitating the cooler morning light to keep you alert, and then turn to a warmer light towards the end of your workday, to help you wind down? You can also allow the light temperature to switch automatically between a cooler and a warmer light during the day, to create the feeling of clouds moving over the sky, covering the sun from time to time. A better night's sleep is a bonus.

No more shadows

Besides the fact that Cloud is one of the most powerful luminaires you’ll find on the market, you may not want to go for a full effect all the time. The dimmer function helps you adjust the light to match your tasks, to avoid eye fatigue. For the same reason, an indirect upward light works on reducing the contrast between the light source and the rest of the room, giving your eyes a break from adjusting.

We have also installed small prisms in Cloud, that help with distributing the light evenly across the room without a blinding effect, to create the feel of multiple light sources instead of one. Try placing one hand ten centimetres above the other, and you will find that the upper hand does not leave a shadow one the lower! Cloud is designed to removes all shadows, allowing you to focus on your work – without distractions.

Sophisticated and hygienic

With its measurements of 1882x850 mm and a height of only 15 mm, Cloud blends well with the interior with its sophisticated design and high-end engineering. Besides improving the over-all customer experience, Cloud is cut out of a single piece of aluminium that makes the luminaire easy to dust off, making it optimal for clinical environments. Welcome to discover Cloud!

For workplaces with high standards

Cloud has been developed for those who work in clinical environments and environments in which perfect vision is required. Environments in which the ability to concentrate and make decisions plays an essential part, for instance:

• Healthcare
• Dentistry
• Animal care
• Laboratories
• Medical- and dental technology
• Beauty- and Tattoo Studios
• Office

Colour Panel

Want to soothe anxious patients with some distraction? Upgrade Cloud with the colour panel. Try it for yourself in our light simulator!

Ultra Thin

Even if Cloud is a large luminaire the feeling of it is light and airy because of the thinness of only 15mm.

Add a Screen

Are you treating children or do you want to offer your clients some amusement? You can order your Cloud with a flat screen bracket prepared for screen mounting.

Frame in solid aluminium

Frame milled in solid aluminium for maximum stability and efficient cooling.

1023 LED in perfect harmony

An array of the latest most efficient LED's from Cree, produces 165lm/W at CRI>90. Each Cloud luminaire contains up to 1023 LED's.

98% reflection

Highly efficient reflector reflects more than 98% of the light. A normal mirror reflects 80-90%.

Micro prismatic sheet​ gives less shadows and glare

Micro prismatic sheet controls the spreading angle of the light and reduces shadows and glare.

Large lit surface

Light guide plate tranports and spreads the light from the LED's to make a large lit surface rather then spots. This reduces glare and makes it much more comfortable for the patient

Even distribution of light and colours​

Diffusing sheet with a combination of structure and diffusing particles creates an even distribution of light and mix of colour.

Cloud specifications



Light source

LED 209 - 290 W


4500 lux/1.2 m

Colour temperature

3000 - 5700 K CRI94


1282 x 850 x 15 mm


20 kg


Dimmer with remote


Indirect light
Dynamic light (Auto)
Colour panel*
Flat-screen bracket*

*Colour panel and flat-screen bracket cannot be combined.

Light simulator

Explore Cloud in 3D

How does Cloud fit into different work environments. How does its functions affect your work situation. Visit the light simulator and explore for yourself.

Dentist room lit by Cloud in 6500K
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