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Beauty and aesthetics lighting

Optimal lighting is fundamental in order to secure a perfect result during aesthetic surgery procedures, cosmetic beauty treatments and injections. With clinical lighting from us at D-TEC, you can be assured that your choice of beauty lighting is aligned with high standards of quality when it comes to aesthetic treatments and injections at beauty clinics.

The conditions for providing aesthetic treatments

When looking for beauty lighting that is adapted for carrying out injections or skin treatments at your clinic, it is especially important to ensure that your light sources have a perfect brightness and correct color rendering. The higher color rendering you have, the better the light sources will reflect the colors in a natural way, which is fundamental when it comes to examining skin conditions or carrying out beauty treatments. The light from the sun is a benchmark for natural lighting and color rendering at its best – with a color rendering of a 100%. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our light sources offer a color rendering as high as CRI 94.

Besides offering an accurate color rendering, our beauty lighting range provides an optimal brightness level for carrying out beauty treatments, detecting various skin conditions in time, or performing injections and cosmetic procedures.

Skönhetssalong upplyst av Brite Tetron

Reduced contrast with better lighting

During a regular working day, our eyes must change focus between the clinic’s examination lamp and the surrounding room around 1000 times. Therefore, when choosing beauty lighting for your clinic, make sure to avoid eye fatigue and headaches by allowing the brightness levels of the light sources interact in a ratio of 1:5. This result is a reduced contrast between the work lamp and the lighting in the surrounding room. In order to get a better general lighting, aim for ambient lighting that provides between 3000-5000 lux. That way, you will increase your employees’ ability to concentrate better and will benefit from less eye stress. Many clinics only have general lighting, like e.g. LED tiles in the ceiling, that provide a maximum of 1000 lux, which is way too low. Switching to optimal lighting, on the other hand, results in greater precision, fewer mistakes, and more alert employees.

Eliminate shadows, flickering and glare effects

In addition to designing our beauty lighting to lower the contrast to the rest of the room, you’ll also benefit from not having to get annoyed by any flickering or glare effects. And not to mention: There will be no shadows! You can do a simple test by placing one hand 10 centimeters above the other, while standing under the beauty lighting. You’ll soon discover that the upper hand does not shade the lower one. Why, you might wonder. Well, we have installed small prisms that distribute the light better and create the feeling of several light sources instead of one. That way, the function reduces the disturbing moments of shadows and increase the quality of the treatment.

A popular choice among dermatologists

Our lamp models Brite Triton and Brite Tetron are our top choices of beauty lighting among dermatologists and beauty clinics. But we also have other options! Check out our entire range here or read more about clinical lighting here.

Daylight is dynamic

Our normal color temperature is 5700 K, but you can also choose dynamic lighting on our models Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton. This means that you can change the color temperature and let the beauty lighting imitate daylight during the day with the help of a timer. Feel free to try out our dynamic lighting in our light lab online.

A sequence of colors adds an entertaining effect

If you want to offer something extra at your clinic, our model Cloud has an innovative and entertaining add-on as an option, where the patient can get a relaxing experience from clouds floating by – or why not a sequence of all the colors of the rainbow?

Beauty lighting that suits all ages

Did you know that your 40-year-old employees need almost twice as much lighting as a 20-year-old in order to perform the same task without overstraining their eyes? Several of our luminaires adapted for beauty lighting have a dimming function that creates optimal working light for your employees – regardless of age – to avoid this problem.

Hygienic, maintenance-free and economical

Our lamps provide your workplace with optimal beauty lighting for many years to come – 50,000 hours to be precise, which is 20 years based on 8 hours of burning time per working day. Thanks to the sealed construction, all our light sources are also close to maintenance-free, making them a perfect choice for clinical environments such as a beauty clinic. With LED technology, you will also benefit from a lower energy consumption. Read more about it here! 

Discover our light lab

When choosing clinical beauty lighting from us at D-TEC, you don’t have to think about lux, Kelvin and CRI. Instead, we have optimized the lighting for you. Feel free to try our light lab online right now to see what difference the correct choice of lighting can make at your clinic.

Long experience of clinical lighting

We have developed innovative LED technology for demanding clinical workplaces since 1989, and we are proud to still manufacture our lamps in Nossebro in western Sweden. Want to know more about our range and see which beauty lighting that suits your clinic best? We are happy to support you all the way – from planning your workplace lighting to assisting you with installation through our dealers.

Brite Triton
Brite Triton

Upgrade your workspace

Are you providing beauty treatments or animal care? Brite Triton is the second largest luminaire in the Brite series and can be a perfect fit if you’re looking to upgrade your workspace.

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