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What brightness should your veterinary lighting have to create the perfect working environment for veterinarians and veterinary nurses – no matter their age, needs and work task? With veterinary lighting from D-TEC, you don't have to think about Kelvin and lux! Instead, you can ensure that you have optimal light for working with animal health care, with both small and large animals. At the same time, you prevent mistakes that can occur due to headaches and eye fatigue caused by poor lighting.

One of the key advantages of ceiling-mounted lighting is its ability to provide a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical field. By being mounted overhead, these lighting fixtures eliminate shadows and obstructions that may interfere with the surgical process. This ensures that veterinarians have a clear line of sight and can perform procedures with enhanced precision.

Ceiling-mounted veterinary surgery lighting fixtures are designed to provide adjustable light intensity and focus. This feature allows veterinary professionals to customize the lighting according to the specific requirements of each surgical procedure. Whether it’s a routine surgery or a complex procedure, the ability to adjust the lighting ensures optimal visibility and reduces the risk of errors.

Hund under bra belysning hos veterinär

Low contrasts are easier on the eyes 

The biggest secret behind optimal veterinary lighting is all about minimizing the contrasts between the intense examination light or surgical light and the softer ambient lighting in the veterinary clinic. Medical studies have shown that it often results in headaches, eye strain and fatigue. We therefore recommend that you have a good ambient lighting that provides 3000-5000 lux. In veterinary clinics, it is common to only use a general light with e.g. LED tiles in the ceiling that provide a maximum of 1000 lux, which is not enough. By letting the intensity of the light sources interact in a ratio of 1:5, you will lower the contrasts and that way avoid strained eyes and headaches. That ratio is easy to create by using veterinary lighting from us at D-TEC.


No flickering, blinding effects or shadows

In addition to the fact that the veterinary lighting from D-TEC lowers the contrast to the rest of the room, you will also benefit from a flicker free environment without any glare effects – and no shadows. In this way, you can reduce distractions and avoid mistakes during surgery or examinations. Sounds advanced? Do a simple test by placing one hand 10 centimeters above the other. You will soon discover that the upper hand does not shade the lower one. By installing small prisms in our veterinary lighting, that diffuse the light, we created the effect of having several light sources, instead of one. Besides getting an improved working environment with optimal veterinary lighting from these adjustments, an environment without any flickering, shadows or glare also has a calming effect on the animals you are examining.

A sealed construction for a clinical environment

When choosing veterinary lighting, it is good to choose a hygienic construction that is easy to wipe off when needed. The built-in LED modules are sealed in the construction with an aluminum cover, which means that dirt and bacteria can’t get inside. And it is more energy  efficient, read more here! 

Dynamic veterinary lighting – more energetic employees

With the sun as our biggest source of inspiration, we have developed perfect lighting conditions for veterinarians and veterinary nurses, allowing them to perform at their best. The secret of optimal veterinary lighting is to aim for a brightness of 3000-5000 lux. Another feature that is inspired by the sun’s daylight is our dynamic feature, which is available as an add-on option on our models CloudClair and Brite Triton. Our regular color temperature is 5700 K, but with the dynamic function, your employees can use a timer to change the color temperature, and benefit from a daylight simulation indoors – during their working day. A dynamic veterinary lighting often results in an increased overall well-being, and an improved ability to concentrate.


Different ages, same veterinary lighting

Did you know that your employees over 40 need almost twice as much light when performing the same tasks as a 20-year-old? If you have different ages of your employees, it can be good to choose a dimming function on your veterinary lighting, which enables your veterinarians and veterinary nurses to share examination rooms while benefiting from optimal working light – regardless of age. Read more about veterinary lighting here.

Quality lighting – made in Sweden

At D-TEC, we have been developing innovative LED lighting since 1989, and we are proud to still manufacture our lamps in Nossebro in western Sweden. Our high-quality material choices, you can look forward to enjoying a perfect workplace lighting for the next 20 years – or 50,000 hours. With modern LED technology, you will also benefit from a low energy consumption. In fact, our veterinary lighting is so efficient that you will start saving up to 85% on your energy bill – from day one.

Discover the difference in our light lab

Want to learn more about our veterinary lighting? We are happy to support you all the way – from planning your veterinary lighting to our dealers helping you with installation if needed. Feel free to get acquainted with our lamps by checking out our website, where you will find our light lab. Click on the veterinary environment to try with different models and brightness levels to get a preview on how our lighting range will work at your veterinary clinic. 

Brite Tetron
Brite Tetron

A popular choice

Tetron is a popular choice among our health care and dental practice customers, perfect for an examination room where you might need a bigger enlightened area.

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