Huge energy savings with LED lighting

Lighting accounts for a significant part of the world’s electricity use. For small and medium-sized businesses, lighting makes up around 11 % of total energy use.

In a dental office or a veterinary clinic, the lighting can account for up to 50 % of the business, as this type of business is very light-intensive. In buildings with old fixtures and without control of the lighting, over 90 % of the lighting energy used can be an unnecessary expense through over-lighting. By replacing fluorescent lamps with LED lighting from D-TEC, you can save up to 85 % of your consumption. With D-TEC’s lighting, you can dim the lighting when you don’t need full light and thus reduce your consumption.

It can be good to first do a simple current situation analysis and review the lighting in your business. Start by analyzing the work environment through a few simple steps.

Analyse in 4 easy steps: 

1. Plan the lighting by dividing the premises into different sections based on needs.

2. Switch to energy-efficient light sources and fixtures, primarily LEDs. They may initially have a higher purchase cost, but reduce electricity costs significantly in the long run.

3. Install lighting that is demand-driven (daylight, dimmable, dynamic).

4. Take the help of a lighting expert at D-TEC to optimize your lighting.

New ban on fluorescent tubes on the EU market

In 2023, a new ban on fluorescent tubes with mercury will be introduced on the EU market. Due to changes in the EU directive (RoHS), fluorescent tubes (T5, T8) will be phased out in 2023. After this, new fluorescent tubes may not be placed on the EU market. Our advice is therefore to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs, with the right lighting the environmental impact is reduced, you get a longer lifespan and the company thus saves energy from day one.

What is the light difference between fluorescent tubes and LEDs?

The biggest difference is that LEDs have a directional light and fluorescent tubes have omnidirectional light. The color temperature and color rendering are also available in D-TEC’s LED lighting.

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