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What kind of lighting is optimal for a dental clinic? At D-TEC, we have over 30 years of experience within dental lighting, and we manufacture all our luminaires in Sweden. Want to lean more? We are happy to assist you all the way – from looking over your needs to helping you with installation.

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Avoid eye fatigue and headaches

Did you know that a dentist constantly needs to change focus from the brighter light from the examination lamp and the ambient light in the room, around 1000 times per working day? The added effort can result in eyestrain and headaches. To create a better general light, you should aim for an ambient lighting that provides between 3000-5000 lux. This way, you can increase your ability to concentrate and reduce the risk of eye stress. Most clinics have general LED light sources in the ceiling that provide a maximum of 1000 lux, which is not sufficient.

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Optimal brightness, color rendering and dynamic light

With dental lighting from us at D-TEC, you can make sure to achieve a brightness level of 3000-5000 lux, and a perfect color rendering (CRI 94) – adapted for a demanding professional environment. In addition to lowering the contrast to the surrounding room, we have also built in a function into our dental lighting that means that you can avoid disturbing elements such as shadows, flickering or dazzling effects as well. The fact that you won’t feel as tired in the afternoon is a bonus. Our normal color temperature is 5700 K, but you can also choose our dynamic light function on our models Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton. This means that you can change the color temperature between 3000 K and 5700 K and let the lighting imitate daylight during the day using a timer. Scroll down to read more about a model with the dynamic light and daylight function – Clair. 

A soothing sequence of colors can relieve dental fear

Did you know that one of our lamp models is designed to relieve dental fear? Our model Cloud has a one-of-a-kind add-on option that really stands out, where the patient can experience clouds or a sequence of soothing colors floating by. In addition to having a calming effect on dental fear, it also creates a positive experience for children during their first dental visit. Don’t be surprised if your patients start recommending your clinic to all their friends! Do you want more tips on how to choose perfect dental lighting? Here we list our best advice!

Lower energy bills and minimal maintenance

Thanks to the built-in LED modules, we have been able to seal our dental lighting into a closed aluminum construction, which means that dirt and bacteria are kept out. That results in a hygienic construction that is easy to clean. With an aluminum construction, you also minimize the electric and magnetic fields at your workplace. Aluminum is also a recyclable material with a heat-repelling effect. And finally, our dental lighting is so efficient that you start saving up to 85% on your energy bill from day one, resulting in low energy consumption. Read more about it here! 

Free consultation

Not sure how to proceed when finding the perfect lighting? Welcome to contact us at D-TEC today for a free consultation on how to optimize your work environment through proper dental lighting.


Clair with colour panel


Grand & Dynamic

Measuring 1530x670 mm, it’s perfect for lighting up an examination room, a beauty treatment chair or a dental practise. Besides being grand, Clair comes with a dynamic daylight option. Choose an intense blue-rich light in the morning to stay alert and a warmer, softer light in the afternoon to help you wind down. That way you are preparing yourself for a better night’s sleep – during your workday.

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