Lighting plays a central role in how we perceive and experience our workplaces and public spaces. It can enhance a design, create atmosphere, and contribute to our overall well-being and productivity. But with so many options, technologies and terms to understand, the world of lighting can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions about lighting to help you better understand and navigate this luminous world.

D-tec manufactures and develops clinical lighting with the latest LED technology. D-tec’s focus is to manufacture lighting with the highest light quality and brightness available on the market. The lamps are manufactured in Sweden with a strong focus on Swedish design and quality. The lighting is shadow-, glare- and flicker-free, which promotes well-being and the working environment.

SunLike is used to recreate natural sunlight.

Traditional LED lights are more bluish and have a narrower spectrum, which can give a different perception of the colors in the environment.

Sunlike LED lights are designed to have a higher color rendering index (CRI 98) to better mimic the natural color rendering of daylight.

The SunLike light is produced through new chip technology from Seoul Semiconductor and new phosphor technology from Toshiba. It differs from ordinary LED light in that a usually unnecessarily high proportion of energy-rich blue light has been replaced by violet and purple.

With the new technology, you get a more even curve and you avoid too high a percentage of blue light. This means that you feel better during the day and that you also sleep better. Blue light is counteracted and the fact that they do not flicker at all means that headaches and eye strain normally associated with blue light and flickering can be significantly alleviated.

Exposure to natural light, or light similar to daylight, can help increase the production of serotonin in the brain, which can improve mood and reduce the risk of moodiness and seasonal depression. It can also help regulate sleep cycles and improve sleep quality, which can have a positive impact on overall well-being.

Yes, SunLike can be used in all environments.

You strengthen the connection to nature through natural light. The lighting provides only weak light reflection and has a high color index, which means that it emits light in natural colors, just as they appear in nature. By using the light spectrum that comes with the SunLike LED lights, the progressive materials and interior of cars really stand out even more, and also completely without color distortion.

To avoid mistakes, you should have lighting with high brightness and high light quality. It is also important that the lighting has a dimmer. Through dynamic lighting, the quality increases further and the staff feel better.

By illuminating the entire work surface, the light environment is right in a treatment room. It is important that the lighting does not cause flickering, shadows or glare. D-tec’s lighting is designed for examination and treatment and provides staff with an optimal working environment where mistakes are minimized.

D-tec’s luminaires, small prisms are installed that distribute the light evenly over the room without dazzling. The light plate transports and spreads the light from the LEDs and creates a large, even, luminous surface. This reduces glare and makes it much more comfortable for patients being treated. A microprismatic sheet controls the angle of light dispersion and reduces shadows and glare.

Dynamic daylight function mimics the sun’s temperature changes during the day. In the morning, you can stay awake and alert with a colder light, and then automatically switch to a warmer light towards the end of the working day as a way to wind down before the evening.

Color rendering: D-tec’s lighting has a perfect color rendering – from CRI 94 to CRI 98 – which is adapted for a demanding professional environment, for example when you have to work in dentistry and see the right color of the tooth. Correct color reproduction is also important in skin analyses.

Color temperature: Our normal color temperature is 5700 K, but you can also choose dynamic light on our Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton models. This means that you can change the color temperature and let the lighting imitate daylight during the day with the help of a timer. This means that you can change the color temperature from 3000 K to 5700 K and let the lighting imitate daylight during the day with the help of a timer.

The lamps are made of aluminum and easy to maintain and clean. D-tec’s lighting illuminates the entire work surface, which gives the staff an optimal working environment that prevents eye stress and headaches.

Shadow-free, glare-free, flicker-free, dimmer with remote control. Mistakes are minimized with good lighting.

With the right lighting that has high brightness, high light quality. Lighting that is optimized for the person in care thus avoids mistakes.

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