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The importance of great workplace lighting – with optimal brightness and correct color rendering – is requested by a variety of industries, ranging from architecture and laboratories to design departments in the automotive industry. Our customers Volvo, Polestar, Geely, Essity and Astra Zeneca have discovered the benefits of our innovative lighting. Below you’ll learn more about the benefits from using professional workplace lighting from us at D-TEC, a west coast-based lighting company in Sweden.

Pigga medarbetare i optimalt arbetsljus

Workplace lighting is essential for workplace health and safety, ensuring sufficient light levels and complying with safety regulations. It involves designing lighting systems that meet employees’ light requirements while creating a comfortable work environment. Adequate lighting, both natural and artificial, promotes productivity, reduces eyestrain, and prevents accidents. Emergency lighting systems are crucial for safe evacuations during power outages or emergencies. Implementing efficient lighting technologies, such as LED lighting, in office spaces ensures energy efficiency and flexibility in controlling lighting levels. Prioritizing workplace lighting contributes to employee well-being and productivity.

Tekniskt arbete i optimal arbetsbelysning

Reduced contrast between different light sources

Did you know that the average workplace lighting has a brightness level as low as 1000 lux? With lighting from us at D-TEC, you’ll benefit from 3000-5000 lux. When it comes to accurate color rendering (CRI), a so-called light cabinet is often used when deciding on details or a material choice at design departments. We understand the importance of choosing between different colors, glossy details and surface textures on e.g. car seats or dashboards in the automotive industry, and have therefore provided our workplace lighting with a perfect color reproduction – CRI 94.
Reduced contrast between different light sources
Industrial designers and other professionals, who work with developing products and materials, need to constantly switch focus between the bright lighting from the work lamp and the lower ambient workplace lighting. On average, this happens 1000 times per working day, which can result in eye strain when the eye is over-activated. It can also lead to headaches and fatigue – something that has been proven in medical studies. Therefore, it is especially important to choose workplace lighting that helps to even out the contrasts between your light sources. The secret is to let the different levels of brightness interact in a ratio of 1:5. The result is better general lighting – and more energetic employees!

No flickering, glare or shadows

Besides lowering the contrast to the rest of the room, we have also added features to our workplace lighting that prevent flickering and glare. Did we mention that we’ve also removed all the shadows for you? If it sounds too good to be true, you can do a simple test by placing one hand 10 centimeters above the other under our LED lighting. You will soon discover that the upper hand does not cast shadows on the lower hand. Why, you might wonder? We have installed hundreds of LED diodes that diffuse the light, using tiny microprisms. It creates a feeling of a workplace lighting that is using many light sources – instead of one – which eliminates the shadows. Discover our lighting series Brite, which is designed with double parallel light sources that direct the light towards the center. The result? A soft and shadow-free light.

Dynamic light can make employees more alert

Since the dawn of time, the amount of daylight that we are exposed to has affected our circadian rhythm. That said, if we spend a lot of time indoors in intense workplace lighting, or in poor lighting during darker seasons, it can cause eye fatigue, headaches and disrupt our sleep pattern. To avoid the problem, we have created a dynamic daylight function as an add-on option on our models CloudClair and Brite Triton. The function simulates the sun and creates different color temperatures during the day, using a timer. That said, the add-on feature compensates for the sun’s effects, even though you spend a lot of time indoors. This way, you prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep – even during your working day! Or why not let the workplace lighting alternate automatically between cool and warm light during the day, to create the feeling of clouds moving across the sky and shade the sun! It also helps mimicking your natural circadian rhythm to avoid eye fatigue and headaches. You can also choose to switch to warm or cool workplace lighting any time you want, using your remote control, to see the project you’re working on in different lighting.

Workplace lighting that suits all ages

Did you know that employees who have passed the age of 40 need almost twice as much light as their 20-year-old colleagues? Choosing a dimming function allows every workplace to use the same workplace lighting in all rooms, even though your employees have different needs.


Lower energy bills and minimal maintenance

Thanks to the built-in LED modules in our workplace lighting, we have been able to encapsulate the construction in a sealed aluminum shape, which means that dirt and bacteria are kept out. The result is a hygienic construction that is easy to wipe clean. Aluminum is also a recyclable material with a heat-repelling effect. With an aluminum construction you also minimize electric and magnetic fields at your workplace. In addition, our workplace lighting is so efficient that you will start saving up to 85% on your energy bill from day one, while lowering your overall energy consumption over time. Read more about it here! 


Discover the difference in our light lab

With workplace lighting from us at D-TEC, you can be assured that we have optimized the lighting for you, so you don’t have to think about lux, Kelvin and CRI. That way, you can look forward to correct color rendering and more energetic employees for the next 20 years – or for a full 50,000 burning hours. Do you want to discover our range? Feel free to try our online light lab to see what a difference the choice of workplace lighting can make at your workplace. At our light lab, you can experience different luminaire models and experiment with different brightness and color temperature to get a preview on how your workplace can look like.


World-class LED technology

Our workplace lighting is tested, approved, and certified according to the standard of IEC 62471:2006 – Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. The luminaires contain only LED lamps that are classified according to risk group 0 or 1 and are approved with a good margin. Our entire range also meets the requirements placed on workplace lighting in demanding clinical environments, as well as the recommendations given by the French ANSES regarding LED lighting and exposure to blue light.


Over 30 years of innovative lighting

The Swedish industrial design duo Fredrik Goffhé and Magnus Burgemeister has designed our lighting range, and there is no coincidence that D-TEC was founded in Sweden, where the sun leaves us mostly in the dark in the winter. Our interest in innovative workplace lighting, specializing in demanding workplaces, started in Nossebro in western Sweden back in 1989. We are proud to still manufacture our luminaires at the same location today. Do you want to know more? Read more about workplace lighting here or contact us today. We are happy to support you all the way – from planning your workplace lighting to assisting you with installation through our dealers.

The Brite series

Lighting for everyone

When we designed Brite we started with the price tag in order to make world-class lighting available for the many. And now it is! Choose between Brite, Brite Mid, Brite Triton or Brite Tetron. Or why not combine them all. They are perfect for dentistry, veterinary clinics, as well as for health care and beauty treatments. They can also create a feel-good atmosphere at an office or at a printing house where colour rendered precision is needed.

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