8 steps to perfect workplace lighting

Are you looking for high-end workplace lighting? Since 1989, we have designed and manufactured luminaires in Nossebro in the west of Sweden with a focus on perfect eye comfort, illuminance level and colour rendering that result in more alert and concentrated employees. A work environment without shadows, glare and flickering is a bonus. Here are our top tips when choosing workplace lighting!

Pigga medarbetare i optimalt arbetsljus
Choose workplace lighting that increases the level of concentration and generate more alert employees.

1. Minimize the contrast between different light sources – get more energetic employees

Professionals like dentists, veterinarians, doctors and dermatologists often work in conditions where their eyes need to switch focus between the strong lighting from the work lamp – in this case from the examination or surgery lamp – and the surrounding light. On average, this happens around 1000 times per day, which can be tiring for the eyes. This is also confirmed by medical studies where high contrasts between different workplace lighting have proven to result in headaches, eye strain and fatigue. Therefore, it is important to choose workplace lighting that helps to even out the contrasts between different light sources by applying a 1:5 ratio. Does it sound complicated? It sure is! Several of our luminaires have an option with an indirect upward light. That reduces the contrast between the light source and the surrounding room to achieve an even better general light. Happier employees are a bonus!

2. Choose a correct colour rendering and illuminance level

Workplace lighting with correct colour rendering is important within e.g. dental care, laboratories and at design departments. Maybe you have bought a sweater at some point, and discovered that the shade looks completely different at home than it did in the store? That said, when choosing workplace lighting, it is important to ensure that your light sources have correct colour rendering. All our lamps have an optimal illuminance level of 3000-5000 lux and generate a perfect colour rendering – CRI94.

3. Choose workplace lighting without glare, flickering and shadows

To enable a better and more comfortable working environment with fewer mistakes being made, we have also designed our luminaires without the effects of glare, flickering and shadows. The secret is hundreds of small LED lights that spread the light with the help of integrated micro-prisms.

4. Choose a dynamic light source that imitates the sun

Do your employees often get tired and less focused at the end of the workday? Daylight is known to affect our mood and our circadian rhythm. When the rhythm is disturbed by e.g. intense fluorescent light or by working in poor lighting during darker periods of the year, it can result in both eye fatigue, headaches and sleeping problems. To get the positive effects from the sun, despite spending a lot of time indoors, we developed a dynamic daylight function. This means that you can change the colour temperature, but also simulate daylight using a timer.

You can also let the workplace lighting switch automatically between a cold and a warm light during the day, to create the feeling that the clouds move across the sky. The result is often an increased ability to concentrate, a better night’s sleep and a greater overall well-being. And who doesn’t want that? The following of our models have the dynamic light function: Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

5. Add soothing colour effects – perfect for children or anxious patients

Do you want workplace lighting that stands out from the ordinary and provides added value for your patients? Our lamp model Cloud offers a fantastic colour panel as an add-on that has a unique soothing effect on anxious patients – perfect for e.g. a dental clinic. It will also add an entertaining feature for children and works wonders when wanting to create a positive visit at a dental clinic.

6. Choose workplace lighting that suits all ages

If you have employees over the age of 40, they tend to need almost twice as much light as a 20-year-old. In other words, you can benefit from a dimming function when choosing workplace lighting, which allows you to share your workplace with colleagues of different ages and with different needs, and still be able to offer optimal workplace lighting for everyone – regardless of age.

arbetsbelysning över tandläkarstol

7. Choose a hygienic design

Are you looking for workplace lighting for a clinical environment? Then the design of the lighting is very important, and we therefore recommend choosing a sealed construction. Thanks to the built-in high-quality LED modules in our luminaires, we have been able to seal the construction in aluminium, which means that no dirt or bacteria can get in.

8. Choose high-quality workplace lighting that lasts

When it comes to choosing professional workplace lighting, we have been in the spotlight with your innovative LED lighting with the latest technology since 1989. And we are proud to still manufacture our lamps in Nossebro in the west of Sweden where everything started over 30 years ago. With workplace lighting from us at D-TEC, you can enjoy perfect light that will allow you to work with greater precision and increased well-being during 50,000 hours of burning time, or for the next 17 years – based on 8 hours of use per working day. Our luminaires are also made of aluminium – a recyclable material with a heat-repellent effect – which also means that you will minimize the electric and magnetic fields.

Experience the difference in our light lab

We are happy to assist you all the way – from planning your workplace lighting to help with mounting them in the ceiling. Feel free to contact us for consultation. Can’t wait to experience our lamps? You can learn more at our light lab where you can try different models and experiment with different brightness and colour temperatures to get a preview of how your workplace lighting will turn out.

Good luck!

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