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Clinical Lighting for demanding workplaces

We provide working environments with the highest quality of lighting, combined with smart features made possible by innovation and technology.


Sophisticated & Soothing

Cloud is our latest addition in our light range. Measuring a total of 1282x850 mm, it’s perfect for an examination room, a dental practise or a beauty clinic. The luminaire also comes with a soothing special effect function if you choose to upgrade Cloud with our colour panel. Why not go with a rainbow or an ever-changing flow of light? Perfect when examining children or patients who will benefit from a bit of a distraction.


Ultimate brightness (4500 lux/1.2 m). Full spec


Largest surface coverage (1530x670 mm). Full spec


Grand & Dynamic

Measuring 1530x670 mm, Clair is perfect for lighting up an examination room, a beauty treatment chair or a dental practise. Besides being grand, Clair comes with a dynamic daylight option. Choose an intense bluerich light in the morning to stay alert and a warmer, softer light in the afternoon to help you wind down. That way you are preparing yourself for a better night’s sleep – during your workday.


Flexible & Powerful

Pure light quality with a pricetag for the many. Perfect for dentistry, veterinary clinics, as well as for health care and beauty treatments. They can also create a feel-good atmosphere at an office or at a printing house where colour rendered precision is needed.

Brite Triton
Brite Triton

Basic & Extraordinary

Brite Triton possess the same feauture as Brite, but it will also give you the choice of selecting a warmer light temperature from the middle section. Are you providing beauty treatments or animal care? Brite Triton both make great choices if you’re looking to upgrade your workspace.

Spread in D-TEC's lighting hand book
D-TEC Lighting Handbook

Enlightening facts about light

We have gathered our best tips in a handbook that tells you what to think about when choosing lighting and planning your work environment.

Read about why it is important to have the right color temperature, how light affects how we feel and about how the right lighting makes us perceive details in our work environment.

Light simulator

Try out our light

Curious on how our products looks in different environmens? Want to try different features and light setting? Go to our light simulator to discover and explore our products.

Dentist room lit by Clair
Handmade in Sweden
Misty forest
About D-TEC

Designed and produced in Sweden

Inspired by the magic light of Swedish summer. Made to reproduce it for the rest of the year. D-TEC provide the best possible lighting conditions for the most discerning customers.

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