About D-TEC

Designed and produced in Sweden

It’s not a coincidence that the lightest of products are produced in Sweden where the sun leaves us partly in the dark during the winter.

That fact gives us the motivation in going to work and make the best possible lighting solutions every single day.

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The idea behind D-TEC

The idea of offering workplaces better lighting started back in 1989. Our aim was, and still is, to provide companies, regardless of their size, with the highest quality of lighting made possible by current technology. Today we are proud to light up the workplaces of companies in a range of businesses all over Europe and Asia. When it comes to the design, the Swedish industrial designers Fredrik Goffhé and Magnus Burgemeister are the dynamic duo behind the range. And we like to keep it in the family. In fact, we’re still producing our luminaries in West Sweden, where it all started 30 years ago.

Lighting for discerning professionals

Our aim has always been to provide the best possible lighting conditions for the most discerning customers. For us, this means coming as close as possible to the world’s best light source – the sun. Our products are designed and manufactured to recreate natural daylight as closely as possible in your workplace. Quite simply, a brilliant workplace.

Five-year warranty.
No strings attached.

After ordering your favourite at d-tec.se or trough one of our retailers, we are happy to offer you full support coverage and a five-year warranty. There are no strings attached. Except from the wires keeping the luminaires floating from the ceiling, that is. Visit d-tec.se to learn more.


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465 94 Nossebro