How to choose the right lighting for your veterinary clinic

The choice of lighting makes a bigger difference than you might think when it comes to the overall work environment of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. With the correct lighting, you can e.g. prevent mistakes caused by difficulty to concentrate due to headaches and eye fatigue. Besides, the staff can avoid flicker, shadows and glare. At D-TEC, we provide you with our best tips when choosing lighting for your veterinary clinic.

Choose the right lighting for your veterinary clinic

When choosing lighting for a veterinary clinic, it is important to consider that the environment needs to be clinical, and set-up for demanding tasks. At D-TEC, we stand behind a number of innovations within hygienic lighting for clinical environments such as veterinary clinics, dental clinics, skin care clinics and laboratories. And we’re proud to still be designing and manufacturing our lamps in Nossebro in western Sweden, where everything started over 30 years ago. Below are our top tips when choosing veterinary lighting:

Avoid eye fatigue: Choose lighting that evens out the contrast

Medical studies have shown that big contrasts between different lamps in a room can create headache, eye stress and fatigue – and therefore, it is of great importance to choose lighting that can help you even out the contrasts between different light sources. As a veterinarian or veterinary nurse, your eyes often need to switch between the strong light from the examination lamp and the surrounding light, which is less bright. On average, this happens 1000 times per working day, which can be tiring for the eyes. Several of our luminaires therefore have an indirect upward light that reduces the contrast between the light source and the rest of the room.

Avoid flickering, glare and shadows

Finding lighting that doesn’t flicker, create glare and cast any shadows can be a challenge – but in order for veterinarians and veterinary nurses to avoid headaches and eye fatigue when their eyes are constantly forced to change focus between the contrasts that are created when flickering, glare and shadows occur, makes it worth finding a solution. Check out our luminaires that do the job.

Choose veterinary lighting with a hygienic design

In a clinical environment such as a veterinary clinic, the design of the lighting is important. Choose a model that is as maintenance-free as possible – preferably with a closed construction that is easy to remove when needed and doesn’t collect dust. Thanks to the built-in high-quality LED modules, we have e.g. been able to seal the construction of our lamps with a top cover made entirely from aluminium, which means that dirt and bacteria can’t get in. The result is close to maintenance-free.

Hund under bra belysning hos veterinär

Choose a dynamic light for increased well-being

Using our lighting, the veterinarian gets to work in a professional luminance level, where they can perform their examinations in a light that comes as close to sunlight as possible. Another function similar to sunlight is our dynamic function. This means that you can change the colour temperature and also simulate daylight with the help of a timer. The result is often a better ability to concentrate, a better night’s sleep and an increased overall well-being. Following models have the dynamic function: Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

Discover the difference in our light lab

At D-TEC, we have been in the spotlight with our LED lighting since 1989, and we are happy to assist you all the way – from planning your veterinary lighting to help with mounting them in the ceiling. Can’t wait to experience our lamps? You can learn more at our light lab where you can try different models online, and experiment with different brightness and colour temperatures to get a preview of how your veterinary clinic lighting will turn out.

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