Raise your energy at work thanks to optimal medical lighting

Did you know how important the surrounding complementary medical lighting is within healthcare? By choosing optimal so-called ambient lighting, the contrasts between the light that is focusing on the area that will be examined or treated, and the surrounding light is minimized. The result? You will benefit from less headaches – and feel more energized throughout the workday.

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How to choose optimal medical lighting

As a doctor, dentist or veterinarian, you will notice that a good examination or surgery lamp isn’t enough. However, medical studies confirm that if you have a big contrast between different light sources in a room, headaches, eye stress and fatigue will soon appear because the eyes are forced to adapt between the different light sources.

But how do you create optimal lighting in demanding workplaces? And what other aspects are good to have in mind when choosing lighting for a clinical environment? Below are our top tips:

Checklist when choosing medical lighting

  • Choose the right luminance for the task, preferably between 3000-5000 lux.
    Within healthcare, the design of medical lighting is extra important.
  • Choose a model that is as maintenance-free as possible – preferably with a sealed construction that is easy to remove when needed, and doesn’t collect dust.
  • Choose lamps that provide a low contrast between your light sources to reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • Choose medical lighting with low heat and without acoustic sound.
  • Choose lighting without flicker, glare and shadows.
  • Choose dynamic and indirect light to get an optimal environment for both the doctor and the patient.

By choosing lighting from us at D-TEC, you can be sure to include all the tips in the checklist above. Our lamps are optimally suited regardless if you work within health care, with beauty treatments or at a veterinary clinic – or why not in a laboratory, within medical- and dental technology, or as a dermatologist.

Dynamic light and entertaining colour panels

Do you want something extra? Our lamp model Cloud offers a fantastic colour panel as an add-on that makes the medical lighting at your clinic unique – and calms anxious patients. It works as an entertaining feature for children, and can help to create a positive experience of their visit. You can also choose medical lighting with a dynamic light on several of our models. This means that you can change the colour temperature when needed, and also simulate daylight using a timer. The result of the feature is often a better ability to concentrate, a better night’s sleep and an increased overall well-being. The following models have the dynamic function: Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

We have been in the spotlight with our innovative LED lighting since 1989 and have innovated several solutions within hygienic medical lighting – to meet the high demands of clinical environments. We are proud to still design and manufacture our lamps in Nossebro in western Sweden, where everything started over 30 years ago.

Do you want to learn more about our range or want to know how we can help your clinic to choose the optimal medical lighting? We are happy to be with you all the way – from planning your clinic’s lighting to helping you with mounting them in the ceiling.

Good luck!

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