CASE: Support Design

Lighting plays a central role in manufacturing, says Marcus Ericsson, Production Manager at Support Design, and the transition to D-tec lighting has meant significant improvements and benefits for the entire production.

Support Design manufactures work chairs of the highest quality that are designed by the prominent designer Bruno Mathsson. Each chair is a work of art in itself, created with careful handwork and dedication to detail.

The company was started in the 70s in the western part of Sweden and today the chairs are internationally recognized for their comfort and ergonomic properties. The support chair is designed by Sweden´s most famous designer, Professor Bruno Mathsson, who later became a leader in ergonomic work postures. My vision is to develop beautiful chairs that make us feel really good and that can contribute to an increasingly circular economy,” says CEO Cecilia Gimmersta Stove.

Support Design has been using D-tec lighting in the entire production process for many years.

Marcus Ericsson, Production Manager emphasizes the importance of good lighting to create a good working environment for the staff and to ensure the quality of each work chair.

In the manufacturing process, the lighting is of crucial importance, as each chair requires a careful assessment of each shade and shadow. This becomes especially prominent when working with genuine leather. Each skin undergoes a review at an early stage to identify any defects, scars or insect bites. Detecting and fixing these at an early stage is crucial, as such defects become noticeable and disturbing when the chair is dressed and the leather is stretched.

Lighting plays a central role in manufacturing, says Marcus, and the transition to D-tec lighting has meant significant improvements and benefits for production. In production, where handwork is a fundamental part of the process, high-quality lighting is not only desirable but necessary to ensure precision and quality.

Marcus explains that the lighting from D-tec is used at every step of the manufacturing process, from cutting and sewing to lining, quality control, packing and shipping. Every workplace where these tasks are performed benefits from optimal lighting to ensure quality and efficiency. When working with artificial leather, lighting has been crucial for correct color matching among our impressive color spectrum. It is particularly prominent as these defects can become visible and unsightly when the chairs are dressed and the leather is stretched.

Since the staff themselves have had a hand in choosing the lighting, they have created a work environment that is tailored to their specific needs and tasks. This has strengthened their commitment and contributed to increased job satisfaction.

Compared to other lighting options in recent years, D-tec lighting has proven to be superior and most suitable for high demands. Its reliability and efficiency have made D-tec the obvious choice for the production environment.

The goal is to expand and increase the number of employees, which in turn means creating more workplaces and the need for additional lighting from D-tec.

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