Discover D-tec's Leaf, innovation to integrate natural daylight

The latest Leaf luminaire provides a light almost identical to natural daylight, also called SunLike, and is delivered in a slim design inspired by nature. Perfect for industries where the quality of the light is crucial. The luminaire has an aluminum construction and a lifespan of more than 20 years. As part of Leaf, the new monitor mount is also introduced, which creates an interactive environment and good atmosphere during treatments.

D-tec’s latest luminaire, Leaf, is not just a light source. It is a combination of nature-inspired design and innovation. The proven LED technology that mimics the sun’s rays and every detail of the construction is carefully designed to maximize the efficiency and spread of light. With a CRI value of 98, every room is transformed into a living environment that inspires and motivates.

Thanks to a unique light disc, an even light distribution is created that eliminates shadows and effectively illuminates the work surface. This allows you to work without the distraction of blinding light or shadows, thus avoiding mistakes. With a simple push of a button, you can customize the LED colour strip found in the stem of the Leaf to create the perfect atmosphere. From calming green to more energizing colours.

D-tec also introduces the monitor mount as an option for the Leaf. A key component of the modern dental clinic or healthcare environment. By integrating a high-quality monitor, the door opens to a whole new interactive dimension. From showing digital X-ray images to engaging or distracting. The patient can feel involved and seen and get a professional experience.

D-tec creates its products with both technical knowledge and a passion for combining technology and design. The goal is to provide users with the best combination of functionality and design, especially in areas such as healthcare and dentistry. Our LED lamps offer light almost identical to natural daylight, which not only improves the working environment but also our well-being. With a high colour rendering index, CRI, and a unique technology that reduces blue light, Leaf promotes increased productivity, better health and thus better results. Perfect for environments where the quality of the light is crucial.

“With the launch of Leaf, we are continuing our 35-year Swedish tradition of offering lighting solutions that combine technical innovation with elegant design,” says Jonas Ternell, CEO at D-tec. “We are convinced that the Leaf will set new standards for both functionality and design.”

Will launch autumn 2024.

About D-tec

Due to the lack of sunlight during large parts of the winter, it is no coincidence that the lighting innovator D-tec comes from Sweden. With 35 years of experience in lighting manufacturing and production in Nossebro, D-tec lighting now illuminates workplaces in a range of industries across large parts of Europe. The goal has always been to offer the best possible lighting conditions for the most demanding customers. For D-tec, this means getting as close as possible to the world’s best light source, the sun, and are therefore designed to be able to reproduce as natural daylight as possible

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