With the right lighting, you avoid mistakes in healthcare

Avoiding mistakes with lighting in healthcare is of great importance for the safety of patients and the working environment of staff.

Avoiding mistakes with lighting in healthcare

Here are some measures and guidelines that can help minimize such mistakes:

Adapt the lighting to the activity: Make sure that the lighting is adapted to the specific activity in each care environment. Surgical rooms, patient rooms, corridors and workstations may require different levels and types of lighting. D-tec’s lighting is optimal for examination.

Use D-tec’s light lab: Choose lighting that is suitable for different care environments. For example, brighter and adjustable lighting may be necessary during surgical procedures, while more subdued and indirect lighting may be more appropriate for patient rooms and relaxation areas. 

Avoid shadows and glare: D-tec’s lighting is shadow-, flicker- and glare-free. Hundreds of tiny LEDs work together to spread the light evenly using integrated microprisms. These minimize shadowing of the work surface, resulting in a better, more comfortable work environment with fewer mistakes. The light plate and the microprisms even out the light and remove glare. It increases both your ergonomics and your work quality. In addition to this, the patient will experience that it will be much more comfortable to be treated.

Dynamic light: As an option, you can choose a dynamic light, which means you have the opportunity to set the optimal working light yourself according to your preferences and the changes in daylight. The whole room changes character when you change the color temperature and for those of you who work under the luminaire, this means that you get a more pleasant feeling that follows our biological rhythm and which can also be adjusted as needed.

Color temperature and color rendering: Choose lighting sources with appropriate color temperature and color rendering. This is particularly important in medical care, where accurate color reproduction is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment. D-tec’s luminaires offer a color temperature of CRI 94 and it is possible to choose 3000-5700 kelvin, color rendering.

Ergonomic design: Design workstations and care environments with ergonomics in mind.. Did you know that a 40-year-old employee needs almost twice as much light as a 20-year-old to perform the same task without overstraining the eye? Our luminaires have a dimming function that creates optimal working light for your employees – regardless of age.

Hygienic, maintenance-free and economical: Our lamps provide your workplace with optimal lighting for a long time to come – more precisely for a full 50,000 hours, which is 20 years based on 8 hours of burning time per working day. Thanks to the fully cast construction of our luminaires, all our light sources are also virtually maintenance-free, making them a perfect choice for clinical environments such as a beauty clinic. With LED technology, you also get a lower energy consumption.

Collaboration and evaluation: Contact our lighting experts to evaluate and adapt the lighting systems in different care environments. Regular evaluations can identify areas that need improvement.

By following these guidelines and integrating lighting design as an important part of care, you can minimize the risk of error and create a safe and efficient care environment.

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