Dynamic light in healthcare

Since time immemorial, the amount of daylight has affected our mood and set the agenda for our circadian rhythm. If the rhythm is disturbed by intense fluorescent lighting or darker seasons, it can result in both eye fatigue, headaches and sleep problems. To access the sun’s positive effects despite spending a lot of time indoors, we developed a dynamic daylight function.

Why not let the light mimic a cooler morning light in the morning to keep you awake and alert, then transition to a warmer light towards the end of the workday as a way to wind down for the evening? You can also let the light temperature change automatically between a cold and a warm light during the day, to create the feeling of clouds moving across the sky and shading the sun. You get an improved night’s sleep in return.

Several of D-tec’s lamps have dynamic light that is perfect for an examination room, a beauty salon or a dental clinic. A dynamic daylight function allows the light to mimic the sun’s temperature changes throughout the day. In the morning, you can stay awake and alert with a colder light, and then automatically switch to a warmer light towards the end of the working day as a way to wind down before the evening. In this way, you prepare for a good night’s sleep – during your working day.

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Dynamic light in healthcare​
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