Beautique Medical Skin Clinic, owned and founded by Carina Gamborg, has experienced a revolution in work lighting thanks to D-tec’s, a company that draws its inspiration and innovation from Sweden, where dark winter months have created a need for advanced lighting technology.

Carina Gamborg tells about her clinic’s experience with D-tec’s lighting: “Yes, much better work lighting, absolutely fantastic light, cannot be compared with other lamps.” Her enthusiasm is clear when she shares how D-tec’s lighting has transformed her workplace.

Via Gamborg Meducation, Carina holds courses in aesthetic injection treatments. The training is aimed solely at registered nurses, dentists and doctors. Carina says that: “When I hold courses/training assignments with clinicians/colleagues in the industry, I see many different types of work lighting. Met far too many who unfortunately have substandard work lighting. In some cases, their work lighting only gives them trouble, such as, for example, that their lighting is placed on floor stands and must be constantly moved during ongoing treatment, the lighting creates shadows, and above all, it provides hardly any lighting.”

Daylight affects both staff and patients

D-tec has always strived to recreate natural daylight in their lighting systems. Carina Gamborg is quick to point out how this has positively affected their business: “The lamps hang from the ceiling, the light is evenly spread over a large work surface, does not dazzle, does not emit heat and there are no shadows. In addition, the lamps have a nice design”.

For D-tec, it’s about getting as close to the quality light of the sun as possible. By using the latest LED technology, they create outstanding brightness while keeping energy consumption down and maintaining high color rendering. This has resulted in lighting that is not only gentle on the eyes, but also on the environment and the body’s biological rhythm.

Carina Gamborg and her team have experienced a noticeable change in the clinic and the well-being of the staff since the switch to D-tec’s lighting. “Both assessment/examination and treatment will be easier and safer for both staff and patient.”

“Patients often comment by saying, oh what a good examination light you have! In addition, we as staff become more alert to be in this light during working days, especially during the dark season here in the Nordics.” For them, D-Tec’s lighting has become the very essence of a brilliant workplace.

For Carina, the perspective on good workplace lighting has changed since she installed D-Tec. “More people should be aware of it, and especially how much difference it can make clinically. Excellent work lighting is a must in our industry to be able to perform secure professional treatments. Once we have tested D-Tec work lighting, we do not understand how we managed without it. “

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