CASE: The Dentist at Torp

“We started a new dental clinic and needed lighting.”

For a clinic striving to be at the forefront both technically and aesthetically, the choice of lighting was a key component.

When Christian Westgerd, a dentist at The Dentist at Torp, was opening his new clinic, one of the first and most crucial decisions was choosing the right lighting. “We started a new dental clinic and needed lighting,” Christian explains. For a clinic aiming to be at the forefront both technically and aesthetically, the choice of lighting was a key component.

A conscious choice

It was crucial that the lighting not only matched the modern design of the newly built clinic but also delivered the quality and functionality required by the practice. “The lighting had to be suitable for a completely new clinic and match the other equipment choices we had made,” Christian explains. Several of the treatment rooms lack windows, making the choice of the right lighting even more critical.

A tip from a dental supplier (DAB) led Christian to D-tec. A visit to the D-tec factory in Nossebro provided an in-depth look at their products. “While there, I received a thorough and interesting tour of the facility, the production, and the product line.”

Customization and Decision

Initially, Christian considered a simpler lighting option, but learning about the advanced solutions developed by D-tec led to a change in plans. “The initial idea was a somewhat simpler option,” Christian admits. The final decision was to go with the D-tec Cloud with a colour panel, a solution that proved to be perfect for the clinic’s needs. Dental clinics can often feel a bit dull and sterile, so choosing the Cloud with a colour panel turned out to be an excellent decision that Christian does not regret.

Delivery and Installation

The lighting was ordered through the same DAB that delivered and installed the other equipment for the clinic. After the installation the CEO and founder of D-tec, Jonas Ternell was on-site in Torp to ensure everything was working as it should.

An Improved Work Environment

The effects of the new lighting quickly became apparent. Christian and his team noticed a significant improvement in the work environment. “In the beginning, I tested the different functions with color selection and light intensity more extensively than I do today,” Christian shares. The clinic has continued to receive positive feedback about its lighting, and no complaints have been necessary. Additionally, the clinic has not needed to supplement its initial order from 2021 with anything further.

For The Dentist at Torp, choosing D-tec lighting has not only improved the aesthetic aspect of the clinic but also created a more functional and pleasant work environment for both staff and patients.

“Excellent work lighting is a must in our industry to perform safe, professional treatments. Once we tried D-tec work lighting, we couldn’t imagine working without it,” Christian concludes.

Thank you, Christian and the team at The Dentist at Torp, for choosing D-tec lighting and creating a more pleasant experience for both staff and patients.

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