7 tips when choosing dental lighting

Did you know that one of the most common reasons to get eye stress, feeling tired or getting headaches at work is related to incorrect lighting? For demanding professions within dentistry where precision is crucial, lighting without flicker, glare or shadows is important – and not to mention: correct luminance and colour rendering. But how do you find optimal dental lighting? We have listed our best tips below!

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How to choose optimal dental lighting

If you work as a dentist, you have probably noticed that your eyes are constantly forced to switch between the strong lighting from the examination lamp and the soft surrounding light. On average, this happens around 1000 times per working day, which can be tiring for the eyes. This is also confirmed by medical studies that have shown that having to switch between different luminance in a room can generate headaches, eye stress and fatigue.

With this information as a starting point, how do you create optimal lighting in demanding workplaces like dental clinics. And what other aspects are good to consider when choosing dental lighting? Check out our top tips below:

Checklist when choosing dental lighting

  1. Choose lamps that provide a low contrast between the examination lamp and the surrounding lighting to reduce eye strain and fatigue. This is done by letting the intensity of the light sources interact in a ratio of 1:5.
  2. For dentists, lighting with a correct colour rendering is extra important. CRI94 is a good choice.

  3. Choose the right luminance for the task, preferably between 3000-5000 lux.
    At a dental clinic, the design of the lighting is important due to the clinical environment.

  4. Choose a model that is as maintenance-free as possible – preferably with a sealed construction that is easy to remove when needed and doesn’t collect dust.

  5. Choose light sources without flicker, glare and shadows.

  6. Choose lighting that suits all ages! If you are over 40 you will e.g. need close to twice as much light as a 20-year-old to perform at the same level. In other words: a dimming function is a good idea to allow the light to adapt to the needs of different ages.

  7. Choose a dynamic and indirect light to get an optimal environment for both dentists and patients.

Choose dental lighting that meets our advice

With dental lighting from us at D-TEC, you can be sure to include all the tips in our checklist above. In addition to designing our lamps so that they don’t generate any shadows, flicker or glare, we also offer a function that lowers the contrast to the rest of the room through indirect light.

Dynamic light provides an increased well-being

Our lamps are ready to provide you with light with perfect colour rendering, without any glare, flickering or shadows. They are adapted for demanding environments such as dental clinics and laboratories, where optimal lighting is extra important. The luminaires have an optimal brightness of 3000-5000 lux and give you a perfect colour rendering, CRI94. Our normal colour temperature is 5700 K, but you can also choose dynamic light on several of our models. This means that you can change the colour temperature and also simulate daylight with the help of a timer. The change of lighting often results in a better ability to concentrate, a better night’s sleep and an increased overall well-being. The following models have the dynamic function: Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

Relaxing and entertaining colour panel that can remove dental anxiety

Do you want dental lighting that stands out from the crowd? Our lamp model Cloud offers a fantastic colour panel with clouds floating by, and displays all the colours of the rainbow. The colour panel is a great option that makes your clinic unique, and can also relax patients with e.g. dental fear. It will also work as an entertaining feature for children and can help to create a positive experience of their visit. Don’t be surprised if the children start asking when it’s time to go back to the dentist again!

Get an increased effect with indirect light

Several of our luminaires have an indirect upward light that provides a better working condition, since it reduces the contrast between the working light and the surrounding light in the room. The indirect light also creates a more pleasant environment for the patient.

A hygienic construction

Thanks to the built-in, high-quality LED modules, we have e.g. been able to seal our lamp constructions, which means that dirt and bacteria can’t get in – making our lamps close to maintenance-free.

Discover the difference in our light lab

Do you want to experience our lamps online? Check out our light lab and click on the dental environment to experience our dental lighting. Feel free to try different luminaire models and experiment with different luminance and color temperatures.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

Welcome to discover our range! We have been in the spotlight with our innovative LED lighting since 1989 and are proud to still design and manufacture our lamps in Nossebro in western Sweden, where everything started over 30 years ago. We are happy to be with you all the way – from planning the clinic’s lighting to helping with mounting them in the ceiling.

Good luck!

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