Difference between light and light - The importance of good examination lighting

Why should you invest in good examination lighting? It sounds obvious, but to understand how important it is with good lighting, you can think about how you experience the same environment with bad lighting. 

Examination lighting and LED-panels

To start, the general lighting in the room is important. In an examination room, the lighting must be adapted to both the patient and the staff. In order for the staff to be able to perform their tasks in the best way possible, there should not be too much of a difference between the rest of the room and your workstation or patient.

Examination lighting from D-TEC provides between 3000-5000 lux. Many clinics only have general lighting in the form of e.g. LED-panels in the ceiling that give a maximum of around 1000 lux, which is not enough when the staff has to carry out treatments. An examination lamp from D-TEC is optimal lighting for examinations, injections and analyses.

It is also important that the examination lamp does not produce disturbing moments such as shadows, flickering or dazzling effects, this is a matter of course for us. Another advantage of D-TEC’s lighting is that it is possible to choose dynamic light, then the light changes during the day, which improves the level of alertness of the staff.

The difference between examination lighting and surgery lighting?

The biggest secret behind optimal lighting in examination rooms lies in equalizing the contrasts between the under-increase lighting, which should give 3000-5000 lux, and the  surgery lighting, which can give over 100,000 lux. We therefore recommend that you have an examination lighting that gives 3000-5000 lux.

It is a fundamental of most importance to have good lighting. And even more light if you want to do something special. Especially for work with precision, where every little detail can make a big difference. With the right lighting, you can achieve so much more and get a perfect result. At an animal hospital, D-TEC has been of great help in preparing for surgery. Previously, the clinic only had a small surgery light. After installing D-TEC’s examination lighting, the veterinarian can prepare the animal for surgery without missing a thing.

When the lighting I poorly planned and the lighting has not been adapted to the task, the you tense your shoulders and bend forward to see better. If the lamp shines directly into your eyes, it makes you tired and irritated. In other words, you become more productive and feel better when the lighting is adapted to your work. In an examination room, good lighting is crucial. The more light, the better! 

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  • LED light with a long lifespan (50,000 hours) and low power consumption
  • Optimal brightness 3000-5000 lux
  • Optimal color rendering (CRI 94)
  • Daylight 5700 K (kelvin)
  • Indirect light
  • Dynamic light
  • Easy to mount and adjust
  • Maintenance-free and hygienic

There are three different zones of lighting which are based on how good the light is in different zones.

  • Zone 3 – LED-panel 500-1000 lux
  • Zone 2 – D-TEC examination light up to 3000-5000 lux

  • Zone 1 – Surgery light 20,000 lux <

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