Improved work environment with dynamic light, instructions

What makes daylight unique is that it is dynamic, as the time of day and weather condition cause the light to shift in intensity and character.

Dynamic lighting aims to replicate this natural daylight using two light sources – a warm and a cold one.

The colder light serves as the effective lighting, suitable for activities like examinations and precision work, and the warmer light creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room, providing a welcoming ambiance.             Numerous research reports highlight significant benefits for both productivity and health associated with dynamic lighting.

To harness the positive effects of sunlight, even when spending extended periods indoors, D-Tec has developed a dynamic daylight function. Several D-Tec lamps feature dynamic lighting, ideal for environments like dental clinics or examination rooms. With the dynamic daylight function, an attempt is made to imitate the temperature variations of the sun.

The balance between warm and cold light can be manually adjusted. When the AUTO function is activated, the warm light will slowly (barely noticeable) fluctuate, simulating the temperature changes of the sun. To activate this function, press and hold the button on the remote control for 3 seconds until the indicator changes to a yellow glow.

See table showing Dynamic Light function at max/min brightness/light temperature:

Jämförelse av två olika färgtemperaturer

Summary of dynamic lighting:

    1. Improved working environment as it provides a varied light more like daylight.
    2. Customers experience a warmer, more welcoming feeling upon arrival.
    3. When working with composites, one can choose warmer light to eliminate curing.


Dynamic light aims to mimic natural daylight by using two light sources: one warm and one cold

When the AUTO function is activated, the warm light will slowly and barely perceptibly fluctuate to simulate the sun’s temperature changes. This is achieved by manually setting the ratio between warm and cool light and then activating the function by holding down a button on the remote control for 3 seconds.

Research reports show major benefits for both performance and health, including an improved work environment with a light similar to daylight and a warmer, more welcoming feeling for customers upon arrival.

Dynamic light in D-tec lamps is optimal for these environments because it mimics the sun’s temperature changes, creating a more natural and pleasant light for both work and patient comfort.


To activate the AUTO function, press and hold the button on the remote control for 3 seconds until the indicator changes to a yellow light, indicating that the function is active.

Yes, choosing a warmer light when working with composites can eliminate the problem of curing, which is an advantage in dental work.

Yes, it can be achieved in different ways depending on the lamp model. For example, the center sections are replaced with a warmer light in Triton D/Tetron to achieve dynamic light, while in Clair/Cloud an additional light source is added for the warmer light.




Clair delivers 3000 lux at a distance of 1.2 meters


Grand & Dynamic

Measuring 1530x670 mm, it’s perfect for lighting up an examination room, a beauty treatment chair or a dental practise. Besides being grand, Clair comes with a dynamic daylight option. Choose an intense blue-rich light in the morning to stay alert and a warmer, softer light in the afternoon to help you wind down. That way you are preparing yourself for a better night’s sleep – during your workday.

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