01 October, 2021

What is dynamic light?

Jämförelse av två olika färgtemperaturer

Dynamic light means that the light temperature automatically shifts between cold and warm light during the day, to recreate the feeling that the clouds are moving across the sky and shadowing the sun. Since time immemorial, the amount of daylight has affected our mood and set the agenda for our circadian rhythm. If the rhythm is disrupted by intense fluorescent influences or darker seasons, it can result in eye fatigue, headaches and sleep problems. To access the sun’s positive effects despite spending a lot of time indoors, we developed a dynamic daylight function. D-tec can offer the dynamic feature of both Cloud, Clair and Brite Triton.

The warm light goes from a maximum value down to a min value and this is done by a remote control. The main light source is daylight and the additional light source is warm white. Dynamic daylight is a function that can vary the light temperature automatically over time. When the values are activated, they change for a period of about 10 minutes before reaching their original value and starting from scratch.

This function is activated by holding button 3 on the remote control for 3 seconds. The light temperature can be controlled automatically as described above, or set manually to the fixed value you prefer, using the remote control.

The light temperature is expressed in Kelvins, using the symbol K.

Indirect lighting – Cloud and Clair are also offered with upward light. An indirect upward light reduces the contrast between the light source and the surrounding space. This way, the eye does not have to exert itself unnecessarily when you move your gaze between different light zones.

Welcome to try dynamic and indirect light in our Light lab – D-TEC.