09 February, 2023

Great energy savings with LED

Save energy with LED lighting
If you switch to LED lighting, you can almost halve the electricity used for lighting in the room. With smart lighting that is adapted to the business and those who use the premises, you can save a further 20-40 percent. We at D-TEC have been working with LED lighting since 2012 and we have helped many businesses in large parts of Europe and the rest of the world to save energy and also have an optimal lighting environment.

New ban on fluorescent tubes within the EU
In 2023, a new ban on fluorescent tubes with mercury will be introduced within the EU. Due to changes in the EU directive (RoHS), fluorescent tubes (T5, T8) will be phased out in 2023. After this, new fluorescent tubes may not be installed within the EU. The first date for the phasing out of fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent tubes is February 24, 2023. The phasing out means that there will not be new fluorescent tubes to buy for much longer. Our advice is therefore to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs, with the right lighting the environmental impact is reduced, you get a longer lifespan and the company thus saves energy from day one. LED alternatives that are more efficient and perform as well or better.

Why are fluorescent tubes phased out?
The EU has decided to phase out lighting with mercury. The use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment must be replaced and limited. In addition to the fact that the old fluorescent tubes contain mercury, they are also not as energy efficient as LED fluorescent tubes and other LED alternatives.

What is the difference in light on fluorescent and LED?
The biggest difference is that LEDs have a directional light and fluorescent tubes have omnidirectional light. Because it is much more difficult to get exact light in the right place with a fluorescent tube. With LED, it is much easier to achieve this and thus work with different zones of light. The color temperature and color rendering are also available in D-TEC’s LED lighting.

How can D-TEC help businesses?
In a dental office, veterinary clinic or laboratory, the lighting can account for much more than that, up to 50% of consumption, as this type of business is very light-intensive. In buildings with old fixtures and without lighting control, over 90% of the lighting energy used can be an unnecessary expense through over-lighting or incorrect settings. This not only affects consumption and the electricity bill, but also the working environment in general. By replacing fluorescent lamps with LED lighting, you can save up to 85% of consumption. With D-TEC’s lighting, you can dim the lighting when you don’t need full light and thus reduce consumption. A simple but effective way to reduce your electricity consumption.

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