05 July, 2022

The importance of light and summer in Sweden

D-TEC Handbook

In Sweden, we are right now in the middle of the brightest time of the year, summer is here and the light. In northern Sweden you can even experience the midnight sun. Midnight sun is called the phenomenon when the sun for a day is never completely below the horizon, the sun visible even at midnight. During this time of year we get a lot of daylight and many feel good.

When we spend more time indoors after the summer, it is very important that we have a good light environment. You can get a lot of trouble if the lighting environment is incorrectly planned. This also applies if the light flickers or dazzles. When you are blinded, you can get problems such as headaches and eye problems. It is easy to plan lighting based on brightness, but it requires a deeper understanding to also include other aspects such as color temperature and the direction of the light – so that it does not shine straight into the eye of the person working in the room.

In many places you have LED lighting that is recessed in the ceiling, which provides a very concentrated light source, the contrasts become large and increase the risk of glare. Glare is a common problem where even daylight can dazzle, if for example a computer screen is placed against a window. The direction of the light is very important. It is easier to absorb LUX numbers and how bright it is, with the direction of the light being at least as important.

Appropriate light temperatures mean a lot to our general sense of well-being. The lower the number on the Kelvin scale, the warmer and yellower the light is experienced. As the number on the scale increases, the color temperature becomes bluer and colder.

We have gathered our best tips in a lighting guide that tells you what to think about when choosing lighting and planning the work environment.

Read about why it is important to have the right color temperature, how light affects how we feel and about how the right lighting makes us perceive details in our work environment.


Enjoy the summer and the light, we wish you a happy summer!

D-TEC handbook